Teaching The Youth Compassion

It is important that the youth learn to be compassionate, and accept others who are different than them. By teaching the youth compassion, we create an environment of peace, mental wellness and equity for all. In creating a environment of peace, mental wellness and equity we are also creating an environment that is not racist, and that does not hold racist views or prejudices. Below is a picture of some child friendly definitions of “BIG” words:


Racism and misinformation is widespread in American society. By educating youth and adults alike, we help in preventing some major mental health issues that may arise from misinformation, racism, prejudices and xenophobia. All of these things can impact someones mental health leading them into isolation, fear and depression. Asian Americans have been significantly impacted by racism since the covid 19 pandemic, and many Asian Americans have been victim of violent attacks that were race motivated. During times of a great surge in anti-Asian racism, its crucial that our BIPOC communities stand in solidarity and support our Asian American communities.



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