COVID-19 Vaccination Protects You and Everyone

Let’s work together and helps Minnesota to get fully vaccinated! With vaccination, we can stop the spread and maximize our protection against the virus.

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Project HEALINGS has created a series of COVID-19 Public-Service Announcement (PSA) Videos to display the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine


Project HEALINGS (Health Education and Adult Learning Incorporated with Navigating Government Systems) is created as a HUB for improved health and wellness among Minnesotans disenfranchised by identity and circumstance, facing disparities in both healthcare access and health outcomes and impacted disproportionately by the COVID-19 pandemic. HEALINGS is about vaccination, but it is also about connectivity, trust, and systemic evolution designed intentionally to eradicate inequities for Black, Indigenous, and other persons of color (BIPOC) living here.


HEALINGS will be executed by an alliance of nonprofit organizations deeply embedded within BIPOC communities and effectively connected with government and health sector entities. The allied community-based organizations are led by [ ], a nonprofit focused on health equity with more than 30 years of service in the state. The 20 plus implementation partners who have joined the alliance have proven engagement and programmatic successes as well. Each is committed to collaborative work and aligned with the purpose and outcomes of HEALINGS.