HEALINGS provides an opportunity to close vaccination gaps and solve persistent health inequities by galvanizing disparate regional efforts and forging unbreakable connections between BIPOC Minnesotans and the state, local, private, and nonprofit entities that serve them. More than 250,000 touches that will establish a formidable network of human relationships to fulfill current COVID priorities and lay a foundation for equitable management of major health events arising in the future. The initiative will focus on Minnesota’s major population centers and the tribal communities of the Anishinaabe and Dakota.


HEALINGS will take critical information and interaction to the granular level within minority communities, accomplishing something everyone desires: equitable participation and inclusion in the health ecosystem. Project HEALINGS takes the very best people and practices and integrates them around equitable community health response.  It is an initiative with tangible benefits in the immediate sense in terms of COVID-19 vaccination, and sustainable benefits in the long term for the State of Minnesota and each individual who calls it home.


The heart of this proposal is our commitment to Multi Cultural Community Alliance (MCCA) Coalition that we will be culturally responsive and adaptive to the unique attributes of diverse population groups. Because our work is community-informed, we entrust cultural organizations and liaisons with developing and implementing diverse outreach and engagement activities, honoring their unique cultural knowledge and relationships. MCCA Partners include: