50 Positive What-If Questions to Ask Yourself to Stop Your Mind from Spiraling

It’s important to understand that frequently imagining worst-case scenarios is a natural tendency due to our human predisposition for a negativity bias, and it doesn’t reflect any fault or flaw within you. While our pocket-sized phones can accomplish almost anything we imagine, the evolution of our brain’s wiring hasn’t matched this rapid progress. When our survival hinged on escaping predators like lions, our tendency to expect the worst was a valuable trait, potentially saving us from becoming prey.

Our brain’s purpose is to keep us safe, not keep us happy or even comfortable. That’s why it can take significant effort to overcome those negative thoughts.

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How to Try These Positive What-Ifs

Begin by closing your eyes and taking deep, diaphragmatic breaths. Embrace the discomfort of exploring “what if” scenarios, then select a thought that resonates with you and reconsider it with a new perspective. Whether you voice your new question or keep it to yourself, notice any positive shifts in your emotions; even small progress is a victory worth acknowledging.

  • What if the best happens?
  • What if the worst does happen—but I’m OK?
  • What if this is actually a blessing in disguise?
  • What if it all does work out?
  • What if I were to trust the process?
  • What if I’m loved more than I ever thought I could be?
  • What if I already know the answer?
  • What if the best is yet to come?
  • What if I was strong enough all along?
  • What if I am enough?
  • What if I got everything I wanted?
  • What if I had all the support I needed?
  • What if this was the time it all worked out?
  • What if I could handle it all?
  • What if I’m already more successful than I know?
  • What if I wasn’t actually stuck at all?
  • What if I were already free?
  • What if I were smarter than I realized?
  • What if that person didn’t mean to hurt me?
  • What if I were better prepared than I realize?
  • What if I realized I wasn’t the only one who felt this way?
  • What if I were already ready?
  • What if it was never about me in the first place?
  • What if I woke up tomorrow and everything was perfect?
  • What if I mattered?
  • What if I didn’t believe my thoughts were true?
  • What if I knew I’d get it all done?
  • What if I saw myself as capable?
  • What if none of it was accidental?
  • What if I didn’t care if people were judging me?
  • What if I nailed that situation?
  • What if today goes unexpectedly well?
  • What if none of this matters in the long run?
  • What if I weren’t afraid to fail?
  • What if this were easier than I realize?
  • What if my luck were about to change?
  • What if I were to see the beauty in this?
  • What if I looked at what this had to teach me?
  • What if I looked at this through the eyes of a child?
  • What if I looked at this in the eyes of my past self?
  • What if I chose to believe this would lead me to something great?
  • What if I stopped trying to change things?
  • What if you haven’t yet met the person who will become one of the most important people in your life?
  • What if all this worry were for naught?
  • What if you could overcome your biggest fear?
  • What if it were safe to make a mistake?
  • What if I took them at face value?
  • What if I were to get the job?
  • What if I were to trust the person?
  • What if I fly?

And you ask, ‘”What if I fall?”
Oh, but my darling,
What if you fly?

Erin Hanson

Transforming “What-ifs” from negative speculation into positive and healthy reflections can empower us to navigate life with optimism and resilience. Rather than dwelling on potential pitfalls and uncertainties, redirect your thoughts towards constructive possibilities. Embrace the power of positive thinking by reframing “What-ifs” into affirmations of potential success, growth, and opportunity. By focusing on what could go right rather than wrong, you can cultivate a mindset of hope, courage, and proactive problem-solving.

Reference: https://www.verywellmind.com/50-positive-what-ifs-to-stop-your-mind-from-spiraling-8612469


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