As a Therapist, Here Are the 5 Most Common Things People Bring Up in Therapy

Therapist Theodora Blanchfield is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and mental health writer. In her career she has noticed there are certain things people bring up in therapy sessions. Today we will go over the 5 most common things that people bring up in therapy, take note, maybe this post can be of benefit for you. Always remember that experiencing some of these issues is quite common, you’re not alone.

5 Most Common Things People Bring Up in Therapy

  • Feeling ‘So F***ed Up’
  • Thinking They’re ‘Behind’ in Life
  • Thinking They ‘Should Be Over This By Now’
  • Feelings of Loneliness
  • They ‘Just Can’t Get Motivated’


I walk a fine line between helping people see the forces that might have contributed to some of their problems—and helping them see places where they can change that. I never want a client to feel blamed for their problem—rather, I want them to see that they have the agency and power to change many of the things in their life they’re currently unhappy with.

Theodora Blanchfield

Therapists have heard it all when it comes to helping their clients. There’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrased to talk with your therapist about issues you are dealing with in life or with mental health, it’s their job to help, and they will help. Seeking therapy can be seen in a negative way in some communities, and because of this stigma in mental health it may make it challenging for people who need support to get that support. The greatest thing you can do for your improvement and well-being is to seek mental health support regardless of what others say about you, or think about you. This life journey is yours and you have the power to live it how you want.



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