How Parents Can Deal With the Stress of Their Kids Going Back to School

Changes in routine can sometimes be stressful for families, especially when it relates to school, work, academic concerns, and separation anxiety. This kind of shift can add stress to parents and kids, however everyone is affected differently as well. For example, some parents and kids may not be as stressed by significant transitions, while others may be. Knowing what causes us significant stress can help us to eliminate it, regaining that state of “we got this” attitude, helps us to tackle our tasks and responsibilities for the day. In this article Verywellmind will offer some advice on how parents can deal with the stress of their kids going back to school.

“To deal with the stress of going back to school, you can first take a step back, notice how you’re feeling, and acknowledge that you need to engage in self-care practices.”


  • Prioritizing Self-care. Having compassion for yourself during this shift, and practicing relaxation techniques can reduce stress.
  • Communication and Support. Many responsibilities can add to a parents stress, so having open and honest conversations, and seeking social support can help parents navigate their emotions.
  • Creating a Structured Routine. A structured routine can be very helpful for parents and their kids. Structured routines help families prioritize time management.
  • Managing Expectations and Pressure. Education is important, however every child learns differently. Creating an environment of love for learning, and helping children reach their goals is important.
  • Building Resilience and Coping Strategies. Building resilience and practicing healthy coping strategies can be helpful for both parents and kids.


When parents prioritize self-care, and reach out to other parents, counselors or support groups for social support, much stress can be reduced improving family mental health during major transitions. It’s also very important that parents embrace flexibility, and in doing so there is less stress in dealing with transitions. When these things are met with openness, a families overall mental health can improve, parents are able to have better time management, and kids are able to achieve their academic goals.

Reference: https://www.verywellmind.com/how-parents-deal-back-to-school-stress-7568518


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